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It's not just you, and you're not alone!


Feeling unsure of yourself and what to do next is an uncomfortable position to be in.  We've all been there! The important thing to remember is that you don't have to stay there or go it alone! 

Forest Road

Hello, and welcome! I'm glad we've found one another.  I first want to say that I honor and respect you for who you are and who you would like to become. This is a judgment free and supportive community.

If you've been wondering why what used to make you happy seems to have lost it's appeal, I get it! I've invented and reinvented myself more times than I can count. Here's the thing, it's okay if what used to work for you doesn't any more.  You deserve to take a fresh look at what your goals and desires are NOW, without fear and worry about what everyone else thinks you should be doing!

Everybody needs and deserves to have someone in their corner. Someone who recognizes your unique gifts, talents and desire for joy and success in life.

It would my honor and privilege to be that someone for you.

- Coach Julie

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