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Julie Hartman is an amazing coach as well as an exceptional human being! I have made more progress in the month and a half we have worked together than I did in years of therapy. She has helped me shift my perception of who I am and what I can accomplish, which is no small feat for someone who felt defined by chronic health issues and PTSD for many years. What’s really great about Julie is that she comes from such a heart-centered, compassionate place. Rather than doling out advice, she sees me as an equal in the collaborative process of unlocking my true potential. Working with Julie is fun and doesn't feel like work at all thanks to her unique blend of humor, life experience, intuition, and sparkling personality. At the end of a session, I feel energized, inspired, fully seen and honored. It's like getting a full body massage for my mind, emotions and soul! I can't think of a better person to turn to when I need help to efficiently and effectively navigate the ups and downs of life.

Kate D.

Bedford, NH

Julie has a very effective presentation style.  She embodies a leadership role and has a depth of understanding in her field of expertise.  Julie encourages questions throughout her class and explains the subject matter clearly.  Her sense of humor, warmth and openness creates an uplifting, positive and most relaxing atmosphere.  Julie’s meditations are well thought out and suitably paced for all participants to receive the desired experience.  She has a most comfortable and approachable manner which reflects her passion for this work.  I highly recommend experiencing a session or workshop with Julie.  She has so much to offer in bringing peace and balance to one’s well being.


Anna N.

Tewksbury, MA

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie in her role as a life coach over this past year. During that time, I have found that her best attribute is how she listens with a caring and thoughtful manner. She has given me space to explore all of the aspects of a variety of challenging situations while applying an inquisitive approach. Then, she delicately shares her understanding and some ideas to consider. And, when appropriate, she celebrates my successes. I always walk away from our sessions feeling good about what I have accomplished, as well as empowered to overcome most any hurdle. For that I am grateful. Thank you, Julie!

Mary J.

Baltimore, MD

I highly recommend Julie to be your life coach.   Her compassion and adept listening will help you relax and share your situation, knowing you are accepted.  Her insights are spot on.   This last year when I was dealing with a troubling relationship with my brother, she helped me confront some negative beliefs and freed me up to find a place of peace.   She has a background in meditation and a warm, and nurturing style that will help you feel calmer and  more open to what is next in your life.   Enjoy your journey!

Cindy H.

Lincoln, NE

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